Tuesday, July 1, 2014

The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium

I received a free copy of The Supermarket Guy 3: Supermarket Dominium by Daren Doucet as part of the Goodreads first-reads giveaways.  Here is my honest review.

Acadou is a former supermarket giant serving a prison term for some crime or other that I assume he committed in either Supermarket Guy 1 or 2.  He's a large, muscular man running a crime empire from behind bars.  His foster son, Edmund, is running their supermarket empire and also secretly developping a mind control drug that is to be distributed en masse via the delicious Edmundo cola.  Anyone who drinks the cola will love Edmund and set our to destroy and throw rocks at Harold, who is owner of their rival supermarket chain.  Acadou has a religious conversion right before Edmund breaks him out of prison, and with his newfound faith cannot go along with Edmund's devious plans.  Acadou must team up with Harold, who is also a large, muscular idiot, in order to stop Edmund from controlling the world and causing a nuclear war.

The author prefaces this book to give warning that it is very tongue in cheek and humorous.  Which it certainly is.  It is amusing, but not funny.  The story reads much like an outrageous cartoon where improbable things are constantly happening and the scene is changing so frequently that you feel like it is giving you ADD.  The plot was OK, not spectacular, but not bad either.  Some things about the characters may have been easier for me to understand if I had also read the first two books in the series, but I don't feel as though I missed much.

My one major criticism for this book was the editing.  There are quite a few mistakes that were missed.  Also,  when the scene changes, there is no separation on the page.  You end up reading another few paragraphs before you realize that it is talking about a different group of people in a different place!  Overall this book delivered on the promise of humour and entertainment.

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