Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Clairol Natural Instincts Hair colour

I recently received a box of Clairol Natural Instinct Hair colour for free as part of a BzzKit from BzzAgent.   If you haven't heard of BzzAgent, check them out!
I have been colouring my hair since I was 14.  My first experience ever was using Clairol Natural Instincts in a shade of strawberry blonde.  Since then my hair has been every shade from bleached blonde to midnight black.  I have had excellent dye jobs and some really awful DIY experiences.
For the past 6 months I have been consistently keeping my hair the same colour.  It was like I had finally found a colour that I enjoyed, and decided to stick with it.  I've been using the exact same shade every 6 weeks without fail.
When I received my box of Natural Instincts, I opened it with an optimistic mind.  How would it compare to my new tried and true formula?  Would it be a DIY success of disaster?
I am happy to report that it is a 100% success.  The colour was easy to mix, and only had to stay in for 10 minutes.  I don't have any greys yet (knock on wood), so I can't report on how well it would work to cover grey, but it did tidy up my root line and was a very close match for the salon colour I have been using.
Overall, I'm very happy with this, and I will use it again!

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