Friday, June 6, 2014

Pride and Prejudice

Ahh the proud Mr. Darcy and the prejudiced Miss Bennet.  Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen is one of the most romantic stories I have ever read. 
Miss Bennet is the daughter of a gentleman, and forms an opinion of the proud Mr. Darcy based on bits of gossip ans his demeanor at various social gatherings they attend.  These opinions are quite prejudiced, and not at all based on facts.  When Miss Bennet gets to know the real Mr. Darcy she falls in love.  Sigh. 
I think one of the reasons I love this story is because it manages to be romantic and get your heart racing without overwhelming you with sex.  I was easily transported to the past where etiquette ruled, ladies celebrated their entrance into society, and people spent much time sitting around and talking. 

I adored this book and highly recommend everyone give it a chance.

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